Help us help Ukraine

In collaboration with Sam-Hjälp, Asecs has created a collection center to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. The donations will be sent by truck from Asecs directly to the victims. You can help by contributing with your time, our specific help packages or by donating money. The collection center is located by entrance B at Asecs.

This week’s needs

Hygiene package

Sanitary napkins 
Wet wipes 
Terry towel 

Textile package 

4 towels 
4 sheets / duvet covers 
4 pillowcases 
2 blankets 

Food package (buy or collect enough for 4 people)

Hardbread – eg Wasa
Dried fruit 
Canned food, such as ravioli or canned soup 
Filling biscuits / bars 

You can get a box at the collection center or use one you have. Buy or collect everything on the list (and nothing else) and submit your package at Asecs. We receive information from the recipients regularly and will update the list as needed. 

What YOU can do

There is a lot you can do to stand up for democracy and help the people in need. This is needed right now: 

Help package 

Buy or collect the products that are under this week’s needs and put everything in a box. The help packages are then loaded into trucks and driven from Asecs directly to the victims of the war in Ukraine, as well as the surrounding countries where people are seeking shelter. 

Volunteer work 

Volunteer for a couple of hours at the collection center. We need help packing, loading and receiving goods.  

Sign up here:

Ukraina Hjälpen (en)

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Donate money 

Swish any amount to 123 900 34 19, or deposit money at Sam-Hjälps bankgiro, 900-3419. Mark your gift with “Ukraine”.
97% of the money goes directly to war victims in Ukraine (and 3% to administrative fees). 

Thank you for helping!